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With the world becoming increasingly digital. Quantta effectively utilises this trend by providing real-time market research with immediate feedback from custom audiences.

  • Consumer Profiling
  • Business Profiling
  • Distribution Behaviour
  • Buying Clusters
  • Area Profitability
  • Locality Business Potential

Data regarding the digital footprints of people can now be used through optimum media channels to behaviourally target even at an individual level.

  • Consumer Buying Behaviour
  • Media Habits

The massive depth of data available with us gives you unparalleled consumer insights of each segment of the population, complete with individual preferences.

The unique data stack created can now create and predict solutions to your problem, no matter what product or service or location or application.

Continuous data ingestion from social media sources can now be enhanced and reigned in to find the most trending news and concerns.


Our team comprises some of the smartest engineers and data scientists drawn from the best Universities in India and the United States. Our team is passionate about solving big problems. We provide the environment for them to excel and add value to our customers through invention and innovation

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