AI Enabled Marketing

Using our deep learning tools to identify the right cohort, our advanced algorithms and our base file of the Universe allows your to target your audience across all channels in small groups of people, often as small as one person at a time. This can drive efficiency and productivity of the cost of acquisition.

 Market Research

The Quantta stack builds a view of your world, ground up. It recreates this geographic view with micro details that can be quantified. This allows your strategy teams to identify the right target markets for decision making across your value chain from where to put feet on the street to how to optimise your distribution network.


Quantta has built one of the largest files of the Universe of people of India. This Universe is the base file used to model your audience and select small cohorts of people that fit your target audience. The target audience is identified using deep learning that creates persona that match your desired audience. This allows you to target small groups of people to persuade appropriate responses.

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