Market Research

The Quantta platform recreates your world digitally at scale. We can therefore help you address your need to understand which markets to focus on and why at hyper-local levels. This can be used by your strategy and marketing teams to allocate products, sales teams and marketing budgets for maximum efficiency.

Digital Targeting

Our Out-Of-The-Box solution allows you to target small cohorts of your target audience to persuade them with appropriate messages that push the right triggers. Our solution is omni-channel and can identify and target the right audience regardless of the channel, digital or analogue.

Consumer Insight

Our large-scale data and the resultant insight can provide a deep understanding of consumer behaviour both at a granular level as well as in large groups. This allows you to create product market fit and also predict trends that matter to your audience.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes what you need is a customised solution that addresses a unique marketing problem or a unique distribution problem. We love to solve complex problems and are therefore happy to work with the team to identify the issue at hand and work with our platform to resolve it.

Social Listening

There is a fire hose of data that provides a wealth of information about what your audiences are thinking, worrying about or thinking about. Our social listening tools help you isolate and amplify these issues so that your communications team can focus on the right issues while working to persuade your target audience.

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